For some reason I cannot set up a footnote using Format - Inline Footnote (or ctrl + shift + F). This applies only to some text. On others it works OK, e.g if I go to a new file. On text I have been using, and earlier set up a footnote successfully, it now doesn’t work! I changed fonts. Is that a factor? I exported the text to Word to see if it worked. is that a factor? It’s baffling (and frustrating!)

What version are you using? There is the 1.03 stable release and the 1.1.0 beta. You can find your version by going to Help > About Scrivener underneath the white window.

I am using version 1.0.3

Help! I’m having the same problem. I cannot add footnotes or annotations. Neither using the keyboard shortcut nor clicking from the drop down menu does anything. Nothing happens. I’m using a trial of Scrivener version 1.0.3. I’m writing a seminar paper for law school and have a ton of footnotes I need to add. Please help me!!!