When I’ve tried printing from Scrivener, the footnotes don’t come up on the print preview and when I make them inline, they’re not distinguishable from the regular text. What’s the easiest and/or best way round this?

Scrivener itself does not actually typeset footnotes, it merely puts the correct marking in place so that a page layout program can read them in properly and do the final document production. If you have Word installed, that works fine with RTF or DOC, and of course ODT works with OpenOffice/LibreOffice, if you prefer free.

Although you don’t have as much control over the footnotes/endnotes as when compiling to RTF and working then with Word or OpenOffice, you can print documents with footnotes or save them to PDF from Scrivener by going through File > Compile rather than just printing straight from the editor.

Thanks, compile sounds like the best option as I’m just printing it off to proof read (always find it much easier with the printed page). :smiley: