My partner is using Scriv 1.5. He tried to export a 7,500 word file to Nisus but although he ticked include notes, no footnotes appeared. Same thing happened with compile draft. I suggested he try copy and paste straight into Nisus and the footnotes were there, properly at the end of the text. What could have been the problem with the export and compile? Any ideas? Thanks.


No worries, I’ve moved it to the right spot for you.

I’m not an expert with Nisus, but you shouldn’t be having a problem with footnotes. What format are you using to export with? When you copy and paste out of Scrivener, this isn’t going to give you “true” footnotes, but rather plain-text ones. While fine for a one-off print, that probably isn’t what you want. Everything is typed into the document as literal characters, not dynamic links to notes, and they probably won’t look like the footnotes the word processor generates otherwise.

Thanks for moving it, Amber.

Using export to RTF both in export file and compile. (It doesn’t terribly matter about whether the footnotes are dynamic or not with copy and paste - the piece is going to be emailed to his editor.) But I can’t see what’s wrong with export and compile and footnotes.

If he’s exporting to RTF it should definitely be working. You could zip up the file and send it to me - I’ll happily take a look.
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Dear Keith

Thanks for looking at this file, which you’ve been talking to Jenny about. It is attached.

I’m getting both footnotes and endnotes exporting fine out of this project file. Granted I am testing using Mellel, so the circumstances are not identical, but at least the RTF footnotes are there.

Ian, am I to understand this is not published yet? You might not want to have it available in a public area like this—totally up to you (or your contract).