For 2.8 Update: Check For Updates Greyed Out

Received letter today from L&L, and I hope the new update confuses me less than the letter–not Scriv’s fault, I’m sure, but mine.
I have Scriv 2.7 on my iMac - El Capitan 10.11.5
I went to update Scriv to 2.8, but the Check for Updates is greyed out—I bought all my Scriv versions directly from L&L.
The letter I got today from L&L says I need this (2.8) update before I can buy the new iOS update next week.
If I’ve made this harder than it needs, to be, please advise what I should do, and pls make your answer “for dummies” because any assumption that I know what you’re talking about will cause me and all projects to self destruct. Thank you!

I have version 2.7.1, bought through the App Store. It gives me no option to update to 2.8, only Open (which opens what I have) or Share.

If you purchased through the Apple App Store, you’ll need to update through the Purchases tab in the App Store software. The App Store version of Scrivener defers to the App Store software for all registration and upgrade details.

I’m not sure what would cause the ‘Check for Updates’ selection to be grayed out in the direct sale version. You should always be able to check, whether an update actually exists or not. However, you can download the upgrade directly from our site, here:


Re the missing update in the App store: A restart of the Mac may help.

This is now the second time this exact same problem happened to me, when a missing update was cleared up/showed itself after a restart.

A log out/log in cycle may be enough, too, but I cannot verify this until it happens again.