For marking student assignments

Sounds odd, but somehow I started using Scrivener (because it is light-weight and fast) to collate student assignments and it turned out to be something quite useful.

The custom meta-data columns and labels allowed me to mark against criteria and record results. I was able to write my comments in each student note, while keeping standard comment templates handy for cut-n-paste. I can sort the columns to arrangement marks from high to low and the use of coloured labels gave me a quick glance view of the marking bands.

Now if only I could do simple automated calculations on the meta-data columns (which I have to do manually in Scrivener introducing possible errors) … and also do this on my iPad :wink:

Yes, I could do this in MS Excel – but I love Scrivener. I may have to adapt this to use Excel or Numbers simply for the calculations (and Apple Numbers is on the iPad).

I meant add this screen shot (attached)

If you could export that as template (without student info obviously), I’d love to see it.

Scrivener is my preferred place for reading and marking student papers – though in my case these are mostly simple letter grades, so no calculation needs arise. I like to use Scrivener mostly, I guess, because i) it collates everything so nicely, and ii) I just love the way Scrivener shows in-line annotation. So, I use that for inserting comments into the student text. At the top, I add an orange highlighted few paragraphs with my overall remarks on the paper and a grade. Then I print to pdf each of them and return the result.

Some homework assignments have required enormously elaborate use of highlighting, underlining and annotation. Grading those is intense, but Scrivener makes it a pleasure and the results are, if nothing else, strikingly colorful!


any ideas?

For calculations? Do everything you can in Scrivener, then on the Mac use File->Export->Outliner Contents as CSV… to switch to your favourite spreadsheet for calculations. This function may be available in Windows Scrivener, but if so I don’t know exactly how… :blush: And no, the outliner is not available in iOS Scrivener.

I use Notability and Numbers for this.
Import the assignments or tests into Notability, read and annotate (on the iPad) and have numbers open in split screen when it’s time to give points or grades.

Notability has become my go-to app for all sorts of reading and annotating.