For Researchers: Docear, SciPlore's successor

Personally I never got into SciPlore, open source software that added lots of researcher-friendly features to the mindmapping approach, but its soon-to-be released successor, Docear sounds interesting. According to its own literature, it will allow:

1. Finding new literature (searching and exploring)
2. Organizing literature (reading, annotating, and retrieving)
3. Creating your own literature (drafting, writing, referencing, and publishing)

The SP team is now getting lots of German government funding (and free beer?) and they are collaborating fully with the excellent team at FreePlane, Freemind’s de facto successor. In fact Docear will be a plug-in for Freeplane.

You can read more about this here:

and follow it on the:

SciPlore blog:
Freeplane Forum

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