For the reader who has (almost) everything

Convenient? Sure.
Comfortable? Maybe not.
Everything’s a compromise.


What is it…looks like commode? :open_mouth:

Certainly a step up from the nebula of precarious book stacks surrounding my reading chair.

A commode with all those shelves for books would be nice.

We could’ve stumbled onto something here. How often have you heard it said, "I do my best thinking, sat on the loo. How would it be, if we added a swivel shelf for a laptop? There’d be more than enough room on the other shelves for all the works of reference you’d need. Add a drinks holder, and bingo!!The world’s your lobster. A moneymaker! What do you think? 8)

Just imagine the outpourings from the likes of: King; Dante; Eliot G&TS; Updike; Balzac; Emerson; Machiavelli; Conrad; Boswell et al, if they’d had one. :smiley:

Frankly, outpourings on a commode are among the last things I want to imagine…

Sorry I started the whole blamed discussion.


But how fast can it go on the highway? :open_mouth:

Y’ don;t see the potential then? :confused:

and then

after which

So Vic: were you addressing Cady or me?


Anyways, I’m kinda leaning towards this one:

…Taken right from The Way We Bend Our Artistic Style Defines What Hides Behind Our Appearance

You Mr. S.

You’re not gonna get much inspiration sat on that, even with a cucumber!

… speaking of bending artistic styles – and getting away from uncomfortable furniture, regardless of function, speed, or stowage – one of my favorite websites is Better Book Titles, which does just what the name implies; or, as explained on site, it will “cut through all the cryptic crap, and give you the meat of the story in one condensed image. Now you can read the greatest literary works of all time in mere seconds!”

For instance, there’s this re-make of a former world leader’s recent book:

More to the topic in hand, we might say, is this one.

Daily updates at


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I liked this interpretation of The Master and Margarita:

I quite like that one too.