For those interested in Greek and Roman Times

I just came across a free iPhone/iPad app that those who enjoy Greek and Latin: … 60177?mt=8

It’s 158 megabytes of scholarly goodness. Here’s the description:

Amazing! A generation ago you’d have spent thousands of dollars getting printed copies of all those books. Notice too that it includes books on geography and other topics, so it would be helpful if you’re writing a novel set in Greco-Roman times.

My own ability with non-English languages is virtually nil, but I was delighted to pick up something similar a few weeks ago at a used book sale. For just over four dollars, I picked up both volumes of The Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The print is tiny, but I can still read and benefit from an immense amount or research, some of it done by J. R. R. Tolkien in his youth.

And if you’re lucky enough to be upgrading to a newer iPad, you might want to consider giving your old one to a writer who’d benefit from tools such as these. Keep those devices in circulation.

–Michael W. Perry, Untangling Tolkien

A good companion to Logeion is Attikos which is also available gratis from iTunes Store: … 97233?mt=8

Attikos provides the reader with in-text access to morphological data and short definitions for these texts in their entirety, along with easy access to entries in Logeion, which includes lexical entries from LSJ, Autenrieth, Slater, Middle Liddell, and examples from the corpus. Attikos also features an easy to use Greek parser that provides accent sensitive parses for a word and displays the Logeion entry for the corresponding lemma. Finally, as a resource to Greek students everywhere, handouts have been included that display verb paradigms, noun/adjective declensions, and articles/pronouns.