For those of you interested in the trainwreck

that is American politics these days, I HIGHLY recommend this blog. It has me–and many others–absolutely glued to my monitor, hardly able to break away to replenish my martini:

I considered appending this to vic-k’s post, but thought it deserved its own thread. Apologies, vic. :smiley:

For my fellow Americans (of which I am one only as of this year, but what a year to debut! :laughing: ), it’s required reading in order to be “properly informed.” For the rest of you, it should prove topnotch entertainment. A tiny blog from a tiny corner of the world, about to go international.

Happy reading.



Y see what y can achieve when you put your mind to it :wink:
Keep up the good work!!

We learned from the colonial overlords. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least that is what I keep telling my kids. :slight_smile:

I’m pretending my little corner of California is a separate country. :cry:

Most of us agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:

NYC should be separate as well. Then my taxes would go down.

Portland already is a separate country, but don’t tell anyone. It is a secret.

Everything about Portland comes under the Main Heading, SEPARATE. Sub-heading WEIRD

We’ll pin our hopes on Palin:


Hahaha! That’s wonderful! Love Michael Palin. Thank god I live in Portland where three out of four households sport Obama signs.

Portlandersll soon be qualifying for Food Aid`, if things get much worse! :frowning: