Force images to scale full size?

Hi there.

All my images I’m dragging into my editor are around 256pixels wide, when I want them to be full size (640pixels). I realise I can scale each one individually, but can I change the default setting from 256 to 640 for all my images somehow? I have a lot of images!

Thanks - Mark

There are lots of ways to do batch editing of photos outside of Scrivener, before you drag the images in. It’s not possible to do this in Scrivener, however.

Also, be aware that increasing the image size in this way will result in some loss of image quality.


Sorry, I think I didn’t explain well enough…

My images are of the correct size, and imported into Scrivener fine. The problem is dragging them from Scrivener into my page: the image defaults to 256 pixels - so I have to manually up-scale them to their correct size. There is no quality loss.

Is there a way to change the default image size? Or do you think this is a problem local to my computer? Does this happen to anyone else?

Thanks - Mark

Ok I think I’m a little closer to figuring this out.

If I take a screenshot of a page, and import the image, everything is good. However, if an imported image is at 180dpi (not my choice, that is how it was supplied) this image is resized to 200pixels wide when it should be 550 pixels

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 16.27.28.png

(a 640 pixel wide image gets resized to 256pixels if a 180dpi image)

So, something is happening with 180dpi images, and I don’t know how to prevent it.

Can anyone help?

Thanks - Mark