Force printing to odd page number, feature request

Am writing a book using Scrivener.

I keep track of chapters (reading them) in a 3-ring notebook tabbed with chapter number dividers (1 through 15).

When compiling a manuscript, I would like the option to force a chapter to start on an odd numbered page. That way the first page of a chapter will not be on the back side of the last page of the previous chapter (making it impossible for the chapter to start after the tab).

This would be similar to, but distinguishable from, the force page break feature. It has a slightly different function.

When you eventually compile your draft and export to a word processor, you may control the page numbering in that application.

But in Scrivener, if you request a page break before each chapter, that chapter will begin on a recto. That gives the physical effect you want, if not the numbering.

Otherwise, you could print each chapter separately and in Compile: Text Options set page 1 to appear or not, as you please. See also the Printing section of the Help file.


Thanks for the suggestion. As Druid says, this is the sort of thing best left to the dedicated word processor stage. Scrivener’s printing capabilities are supposed to meet basic needs for printing out a manuscript, and are fine for novel manuscripts and suchlike, but if you need more control over the layout or page numbering then it’s definitely best to export to another word processor and handle that there. Scrivener’s focus is mainly upon getting it to that stage.

Thanks and all the best,