force scaling images, not always

I am doing some extensive research, where Scrivener is excellent (+ Aeon Timeline). I pick up from the web and have discovered that sometime, the photo used in the article will not scale to my desire: I right click on pic and select ‘Scale image’. I enter in the left box the desired pixels and when I then click in the right box the pic will adjust accordingly (lock aspect ration is checked)… but then on clicking ‘OK’ the original size returns.
looking at the picture id, these instances seems to be like this:
1__#$!@%!#__imrs.php (Code that is revealed when trying to scale picture from the web (newspaper article, Washington Post))

Now a xxx.php is not a normal image/photo identifier, but since it scales (almost)I just wonder if I can keep that scaling.

any suggestions???

Thanks in advance


.php isn’t even an image format, it’s a scripting language. So no, I wouldn’t expect an image embedded in a script file to scale normally.


Ok then it is not a huge deal, just nicer to have pics same pixel sizes. maybe I will try to either copy it or screen capture it and then resize en photo app