Forced conversion to Baskerville (bug? corrupt .scriv?)

No matter what I tried, my recent .scriv would only convert the body text to Baskerville 11 in Word, even though it was set to Garamond 13.

  • Pre-formatted pages in Garamond remained in Garamond
  • Titles remained in Garamond
  • Even if I tried to export as Times, it still converted the body text to Baskerville

I tried copying every single Compile formatting option one-by-one from a previous .scriv that exported fine. Nothing worked.

In the end I duplicated the previous .scriv, pulled over the new manuscript files and deleted the previous ones, and did it that way.

What could have been forcing that .scriv to export in Baskerville? I couldn’t see any text override or anything, and text override was definitely not set in the Compile options.

I also Validated Garamond in Font Book and rebooted but it didn’t help.

Beyond the override feature in the Formatting compile pane, there is also the Quick Font Override pane—however that doesn’t quite match your description, as that tool will even override just about everything, including even the Formatting pane.

If you’d like, you could send us a copy of the compile settings in the older project (if you still have it and it still exhibits the problem), using the “Format As” menu to select the preset management option at the bottom of that drop-down, and then creating and exporting a preset to a file (there is personal information in the compile setup, feel free to send that to our support address, just refer to the URL of this forum thread so that whoever gets it can know the context.

Thank you, I’ll try and do that now. I’ll first upgrade to 2.8 to see if the Project File still exhibits that behaviour, and if it does I’ll send you those settings.

Many thanks for your reply.

EDIT: Sadly the problem is still there. If I used the Quick Font Override panel it does all go to Garamond, but Garamond 11 (when it’s set to Garamond 13 before the override).

The quick font override will not change font sizes, only the family, as in most cases there will be a variety of font sizes in the document and hardly anyone would want them all to be the same, from chapter titles on down to the page number.

I’ll watch for the settings file you sent and let you know what I find.