Forcing corkboard in second pane

Though I like the concept of Scrivener, I’m not sure I’m ready and/or willing to completely relinquish how I write (after all, if I’m uneasy, the program fails, correct?). Anyway, not knocking how Scrivener works, but I had a very specific layout in mind when I purchased.

I love the cork board concept and keeping the paper dividing into separate elements. As a result, one of the first things I do is set the window to tile horizontally and set one of the panes to be a cork board. The other is in “text mode”. I ave the binder set to only affect the text window and I use the drop-down list for the second cork board. My problem is that every time I choose a different set of cards in the cork board, it reverts to text mode and I have to manually click on the cork board icon. How can I force my cork board pane to always be a cork board, at least until I desire more functionality from it?

I hope the above makes sense. if not, please say so and I’ll clarify.

I might also add that i will be using Scrivener for research papers and the like. If someone has written a “Guide to using Scrivener for Research papers” or some such, I would be happy to look it over before I really use the program and see if my current vision of Scrivener might be self-limiting.

Not necessarily - it may not be the program for you, but that certainly doesn’t mean that it “fails”. 5,000 others are happy with it. :wink:

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by this. By default, the editor will switch to text mode for text items and to corkboard mode for folder items. However, if you are sure that you want one pane always to be a corkboard no matter what and the other to display the editor no matter what, you can go to the Navigation pane of the Preferences and uncheck “Automatically switch back to editor mode when changing documents”. If I understand you correctly, that should do what you want.

Note that at an alternative set up you could use rather than having the binder affect the editor and using the drop-down menu to change the corkboard contents is to have the binder affect the corkboard and then click on the two arrows beneath the corkboard (“Automatically open selection in other editor”). If you do that, clicking on a card in the corkboard will open its contents in the other editor, making Scrivener act more like a traditional three-pane outliner. Just a thought, depending on what you are trying to do.

It might be worth checking out the Usage Scenarios forum for this sort of thing - there are certainly users out there using Scrivener to write research papers.

All the best,

Excellent. Thanks for the reply. Your suggestions appear to be “spot on”.

And by “the program fails” I meant “for me” in the sense that taking longer to write a paper (because of feeling uncomfortable) isn’t what I’m after. But I’ll tell you one thing: I’ve been looking into selling my Mac Mini and buying a Macbook just so I can use Scrivener instead of having to resort to “plain old Word” on my PC laptop. So far, I’m really enjoying this program :slight_smile: