Foreign Languages

I’m writing in English but I’m incorporating citations in French, and Scrivener keeps autocorrecting the French into English. Has anyone found a way to turn off the autocorrect option, or to get Scrivener to recognize foreign languages?

Open the preferences and select the Corrections pane. Here you should have the option to uncheck ‘Correct spelling errors as you type’.

Additionally, opening the Spelling and Grammar pane (Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar, or cmd+B) will allow you to select a language. If this is currently set to a specific language, you might want to choose ‘Automatic by Language’ if you still want Scrivener to check your spelling in both languages.



The “granularity” for the spell checker in “Automatic by Language” mode is about a paragraph. ISTR being able to type a paragraph in one language, and having it be correctly checked, but if I inserted a French or German dialog, it would still try to check the entire paragraph as whatever language I started with.


Thank-you, Jonny and rip. This is immensely helpful!