Hi! Dave Fultz, long-term forum resident, here.

I’ve just released FormalAddress, software that will convert any free-form address from web pages, word documents, and the like to “formal” formats that can be easily imported by address books, spreadsheets, and databases.

If you have ever tried to copy and paste that vital research address into your address book and discovered the only thing that’s working is how quickly you’re tearing your hair out, you might like FormalAddress.

There are two versions: the basic one will handle up to 10 contacts at once and the pro up to 1,000 addresses for all you book promotion aficionados.


Great, Dave. Thanks.

What an outstanding idea. I’ve been looking for something just like this. I don’t suppose you have plans for a Windows version!


There is an excellent tool for Windows called CopyContact that parses address information and imports it into Outlook, Lotus Notes, Excel or MS Dynamics CRM. It is written by an Austrian company but also supports American, British and Australian address formats.

I have used it for more than a year without any problems in Outlook 2007.

The only thing that might put you off: Development is very slow. But the software is really mature.

You can get a trial from


Thanks, I do! But the Mac App Store is next and then some more countries and then, eek, Windows.


Well, I’ll be derned! A competitor! This is the first true one I’ve heard-of in several years of looking on and off. Looks pretty good, too!


Sorry, Dave. I didn’t think you planned a Windows version.



Thank you for the suggestion. While the price is not as attractive as with Dave’s application, if it does as you claim, it will be worth it. I appreciate the tip! And if Dave comes out with a Windows version, I’m there.



You needn’t apologize. As a friend of mine just mentioned, “No competitors usually means no market for the product.” So, finding one after all this time gives me hope. :smiley:


On the other hand, if I hold off that frustration may actually lead you to buy a Mac so you can have both my app and Scrivener 2.1! 8)


Hi Dave.

Fine, you see it this way.
I think there is more than plenty of room on the market for both products. Having used CC for quite a while, I’d say CC as well as your tool are more than worth their price (do you say so in English?). To put it the other way round: I think you could charge much more :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best.


Franz, Vielen Dank! Auf ist besser! :slight_smile:


Dave, I bought a copy a few days ago but apparently did not download it. Is there a way to check with the vendor to see if they charged PayPal? Or maybe I did not get a confirming e-mail from your vending service? Droo PS, Lion is now showing my previous copy as no longer operative.

  1. You didn’t download it.

  2. You didn’t pay for it.

  3. According to the eSellerate gods, they have no idea who you are, so despite your best and splendid intentions, you received no email confirming your intention to buy.

  4. Re: PS. Uh . . . I dunno.

I’m guessing it’s those PayPal scoundrels. Sorry for the irritations, Droo. I’d suggest trying to buy it again. If you’d like to try buying 2 or 300 at once I’d be much obliged.


Sadly, this is out of my control, as I have to work on a PC at my office. For home/personal work, I do have a trusty MacBook.


I checked PayPal, and they had no record of a sale, either. So I went through the process again and this time succeeded.

Now I have a great app but no addresses to convert. I feel like a man with ninja stars and no one to attack. Where is that Vic-K when I need him? :smiling_imp:

Careful, Droo! Apparently, you don’t know that Vic is a member of the dreaded Jameson school of ninjutsu. In the higher proofs they’re very good with all manner of glass weaponry (when they’re wearing glasses).

Thanks for the purchase! In another hour or so I’ll have the last of the video tutorials up on the web site so while you’re waiting for that deluge of addresses you can listen to my dulcet tones and be lightly edjimakated.


For anyone who is interested, FormalAddress and FormalAddressPro are now on the Mac App Store. There’s no difference between the App Store versions and those available from the FormalAddress site.


I had to deal recently with a large set of new addresses, thanks to Seasons Greetings mail. FA made it easy to collect the addresses, format them, and pass them to Address Book. It’s an invaluable utility, with no learning curve and a bargain at $5.99; $15.99 for the Pro version. Plus the cheerful assistance of Mr. Dave! :smiley:

There is a new release of FormalAddress. It now recognizes addresses from 19 countries and the Pro version includes an Export Profile editor.

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela

If you’re hoping to pitch your wares to new publishers, the right address is a good start. :smiley:

You can find it here.