Format Bar required for QuickReference

Please add this functionality.
Right now I need to search and highlight areas in my script that I want to reference - I use the Scrivining mode to do this.
Once done, I open in QuickReference, looking for my highlighted text - say the name of a character in various places in a document.
It then requires that I go back to Scrivinings to deselect the highlighted text.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here - the Format Bar is available in the QR panel. Actually, it’s not there if you set QR panels to use dark mode, but if you have them using the light appearance, it should be there. If not, go to Format > Show Format Bar.

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You don’t need the Format Bar to highlight text or remove the highlighting. Highlights are all on the Format > Highlight menu with cmd-shift-H as a toggle for the currently chosen highlight colour. Or use the context menu (right-click > Highlights). These all work wherever you have rich text (i.e. in the Editor, Quick Reference panels, Inspector for notes / comments / footnotes etc). BTW the short cut for the Format bar is cmd-shift-R.

I’m not sure whether you’re using the Find by Formatting feature. (Edit > Find > Find by Formatting, cmd-opt-ctl-F)? If not, it’s worth exploring. You can set it to search for a particular combination of formatting attributes (e.g. Find Highlighted Text of colour ‘yellow’ in All Documents), then move between each highlight with cmd-opt-shift-G (or Edit > Find > Find Next Formatting). It just automates the process of scrolling through a long manuscript to find the highlights visually.

:smiley: Whoops! My big bad. Yes. The Format Bar is available in QuickReference. Apologies for wasting time with this.