Format changes won't stick

I imported a style (Standard, I call it) from an existing document. It does not apply properly to my next text. So…I manually reset incorrect part of the style: Paragraph->Indents to where I want it, and its even worse. I get huge margins on both sides.
Why won’t that format stick?

First of all it will make your writing life easier if you don’t use any paragraph style like “Standard” or “Text Body” but “No Style” instead. Just use paragraph styles for everything else that is not standard.

If you have a document in your project that contains at least of one paragraph that has all the settings you want click into that paragraph. (If it contains of mixed character styles like normal and italics highlight the part you want as the standard for that paragraph style.)

Then for “No Style” open Scrivener’s preferences, section Editing/Formatting. Then click on Use Formatting in Current Editor. Of course you can also manually set your formatting here. This will change “No Style” for all projects.

If you only want to change “No Style” in the active project go to Project/Project Settings…/Formatting and activate Use different default formatting for new documents in this project and change it by Use Current or manually.

For all actual (i. e. not “No Style”) paragraph styles again click into a paragraph that has all the settings you want and click on the styles drop down menu in the format bar. Click Show Styles. Now you can create a new style by clicking + or redefine an existing one by right-clicking on it in the styles list and chosing Redefine Paragraph Style from Selecion…. In either case a box with settings for that style will pop up, including a setting for the next style.

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