Format comments in Inspector

Is there a way to change the formatting / highlighting of comments in the Inspector? Right now the font size is too small and the highlight too dark for it to be easily read by my old eyes.

Apologies if the answer exists somewhere out there already. I have tried searching the forums but I have not found out how to conduct an Advanced Search that captures a whole phrase such as “comment format” or “format comment”… just posts that contain both words separately.


You can set the font and size at Scrivener Preferences > Editing > Formatting > Inspector comments font:

The settings made there will be for newly created comments. To change previously created comments to this formatting, select one or more comments > right-click > in the contextual menu choose Convert to Default Formatting.

That contextual menu is also where you can choose/change the comment background color.

To change a word’s highlight color in a comment, select the word(s) > right-click > in the contextual menu choose Highlight Color.

Thanks so much! I don’t know why I didn’t look in the contextual menu.