Format conversion failure

I have set the default via Preferences (for example, 12 point font). But when I select a document and follow the Documents >Convert>Text to Default Programming method, nothing changes (the current document open on my editor remains at 10 point). Am I missing a step?

Did you select the text You want to convert?

Thanks, Lunk! Yes, I tried Control-A and then converting.
No luck.
Does this have anything to do with Styles? I’m rather unclear on style vs format. My documents all say ‘No Style.’

No, if the text has No Style it should change.
The easiest way to change the default formatting is to change a piece of text the way you want, And the in Preferences -> Editing -> Editor-Formatting clickthe button <use Formatting in Current Editor. Then it should be easy to convert the text you have selected in the Editor.

When things don’t work, step ome is to restart the Mac.

I went through the Use Formatting in Current Editor process as you said, I selected all the text, tried to convert, and not only did that not work, but the part that I had changed to my desired format reverted to the previous format.

Am I right to assume that all the options boxes that pop up when I try to convert should usually be left unchecked?

Thanks for helping with this…

Also tried via Project > Project Settings. Nothing happened.

Did you earler change Project -> Project settings -> Formatting and then ticked the box “Use different default…” etc?

That would override the default in Prefrences

Damn, I’m confused. The ‘Use Different Default…’ box was checked when I was unsuccessful before. Is it supposed to be?

The Scrivener -> Preferences -> Editing -> Formatting settings are Scrivener-wide, affecting all new projects.

If any particular project has the “use different default formatting” box checked in the Project -> Project Settings -> Formatting pane, those settings will override the Scrivener-wide default.

  • Some of the project templates supplied with Scrivener include project-specific formatting. So if you’re seeing different behavior than you expect, be sure to check the project formatting even if you’re sure that you didn’t personally change it.

  • Yes, you have to explicitly check the box to use different project formatting.


Wow. For some reason the same exact process worked this time. Thanks to you both and Happy New Year!