Format/Convert/Bold and Italics to MMD Syntax not appearing

Hi, I’ve been scouring the forums and Google to find an answer, but I am coming up short. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.

I’m new to MMD (and if I should be asking this in the MMD forum, please let me know), but I think it’s a Scrivener Windows issue, maybe. And I’m wanting to try out some of the MMD options in Scrivener. The manual says I should be able to use Format>Convert>Bold and Italics to MultiMarkdown Syntax, but the option does not appear at all. If I highlight text or not, there just is not an option at all.

MultiMarkdown Transformation options in the Compiler do not appear, either.

I’ve been looking over these forums, and I cannot find any reference to this problem. I’m afraid it’s something painfully obvious, but I cannot figure it out. What am I missing? Thank you for any help anyone can give.