Format Corkboard Cards?

Is there anyway to format text on the face of the corkboard cards?
The Bold and Italic and Color options don’t work.
Now my only option to accentuate words is to put them all in CAPS.

Any tweaking magic wands to accomplish this? :wink:

Hope this is what you’re asking for:

Have you looked at Tools | Options Appearance, then under fonts, the Corkboard section? I don’t think you can color the fonts, but you can choose the font, its size, and bold, italic, or both.

Formatting like bold and italic doesn’t work on corkboard cards because they use plain text, not rich text, and those kinds of styles aren’t supported in plain text.

“Formatting like bold and italic doesn’t work on corkboard cards because they use plain text, not rich text” Ahh… but they work for me no problem.

Um, beg to differ.


Um, beg to differ.


Sorry for the double post. The first one responded to the wrong person and I can’t figure out how to delete it.

I think you’re talking about two different things. You can choose any display font you like, but you can’t bold or italicize individual words in the synopsis, because that text is stored as plain text internally. The Scrivener interface can use any font on the system to display that text, but you can’t vary the fonts the way you can in the main text or notes areas.

Yes, Robert, you’re correct…

Unfortunately, I can’t accentuate individual words. :frowning:

I have about forty chapters, with the names of the characters who appear in those chapters, and plot-line notes for each on separate cards. It would be helpful to my tired eyes if I could highlight three or four of the main characters, to quickly pick them out on the board by color or bold. Guess I’ll just have to fore-go that convenience…

Thanks for the responses, everyone…

Are you using keywords or labels extensively for other things? Most people track details like character involvement using things like the Label, or Keywords if you want to track multiple things together. Both can be represented on the Corkboard (see the View/Use Label Color In/ and the View/Corkboard Options sub-menus). As you’ll find, labels can also convey useful information beyond the corkboard, into icon colours and a few other options.