Format > Font > Underline > Dotted generates short underscores, not dots

I’m trying to generate a ToC with a dotted line between each title and page number. I’ve attached a copy of the result.
Is there a way to create true dots? I’ve tried other fonts, font sizes, etc. Thanks -
Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10.24.29 AM.png

There is not at the moment - Scrivener uses Apple’s text system, and what you are seeing is Apple’s versions of dots for TextKit. However - and there seems to be some bus-like law whereby something never mentioned for years comes up twice in quick succession - someone else brought this up a couple of weeks ago, and as a result I have overridden Apple’s code for the next free update to improve this. So as of 3.0.3, dots will look like this:

All the best,

Thanks @KB!