Format Footnotes in Scrivenings (Pre-Compile)


I am working on a Ph.D. dissertation length document.

I would like to be able to see my footnotes nicely formatted in Scrivenings, before compiling, yet many of the text editing features such as left/right align, header presets, line-spacing, list formatting, etc. are not available when editing footnotes.

For example, I have a footnote where all the text is incongruously right-aligned. I would like to fix this. How should I go about it?


Footnotes can have their formatting reset to default (basically just standard 1x line-height, no indenting, and whatever font family and size you have selected in the Formatting preferences pane). Select all of the footnotes you want to update (Cmd-A will do them all), and right-click on any of the selected notes. Choose “Convert to Default Formatting”.

A general note on making this easier on yourself in the future: the Edit/Paste and Match Style menu command will strip all foreign formatting when pasting into notes.