Format for German Stageplay

Hi, I’m working on several theatre (stage) projects in Germany, hence I’m looking for a proper Scrivener template for German-language stageplays, that will adhere to the local traditions.

So far I downloaded a British stageplay document, which is more close to the habits in Germany than the US one, but there are still some quirks that I find dissatisfying.

Are there any stagewriters or directors from Germany who can provide me with a template or an example document that I can use for my work?

I’ve written 15+ plays for the German market with Scrivener in Script Mode Stage Play UK. Nobody ever complained about the formatting. Which are the quirks that you find dissatifying?

It is possible to develop your own script mode (also based on an existing mode), I haven’t tried, though. What would you change as opposed to the Stage Play UK mode? I’d love to tinker with script modes a bit, once I find the time for that sort of stuff. But now back to work …

Mit kollegialen Grüßen,