Format for numbered paragraphs/lists


I’m trying to use Scrivener for drafting patents.

For some countries, you are supposed to number your paragraphs using 4 digit numbers, like;

[0023] Accordingly, a…

I can format my text as a numbered list, prefix with “[” and suffix with “]” but only see an option for two digits.

Is there a better way?

Scrivener itself doesn’t support RTF line numbering in general, so it’s going to be difficult to achieve this natively. I wouldn’t recommend putting the entire document into a bullet list to try and get around that. It’s not the same tool—line numbering is typically done outside of the text block, in the margin area—and has nothing to do with paragraph formatting—whereas bullets by definition alter standard paragraph formatting with indents, then print a number and then indent further for the text. I.e. the whole document would be offset to the right, making centre-aligned stuff look out of true and so forth.

So I think the best approach is the same advice I’d give to anyone needing true paragraph numbering: save it for when the document is in software that supports that feature natively. There is probably a Word template you can dump the compiled text into and have all up to spec within five minutes.

P.S. Moved your post to tech support, as this board you posted in is for sharing tips, templates and such.w