Format > Highlight > colors menu does not change

Ref 18.5.1 in the user manual.

When I add a color to the Scrivener swatch set, or change the order of the colors, the Format > Highlight > color menu does not change. I have tried re-starting the computer, but it still is not updated.

Version 3.2.2 (14632)
Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H2)

I also deleted the Scrivener swatch and relaunched the app. The Format > Highlight > menu returned to the default group. Then I added a new swatch, populated with my desired colors, and named it Scrivener, but the menu didn’t change, except the names of the colors changed.

Just to clarify: all this technique does is change the names of the colours listed in that menu. I’m not positive, but it sounds like you may be expecting it to be a way to edit the contents of the menu itself.

It’s a filter, not a data set.

I think that’s basically it. Playing around to see what I can and can’t do.

I found in the manual the way to add custom colors in the right-click menu Highlight.
However, there are now two lists in that menu, a first one, and the second one with all my colors.
I wonder how I can change the first list.
Here is a screenshot if what I mean :


As I understand the explanation from AmberV, and according to my own playing around, you cannot change the first list, except that you can change the names of the colours as you have. But you cannot change the order of the colours yellow-orange-pink-green-blue in the first section, nor can you replace them with different colours.