Format/ Highlight in Menu Bar- Needs Fixing

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In Show Colors, I deleted Emotions, et al, because I only write non-fiction, and Scrivener re-populated automatically with Honeydew, Cantaloupe, etc.

I only want Highlight Text, Remove Color, and that is it. The Color Palette List in Scrivener is empty, so I can’t delete any of the existing default colors. It won’t let me rename them.

The custom shelf has two yellows in it- I only need one, but no way to delete the extra one.

The “Scrivener” colour swatch set provides a way for you to rename the default highlights, not manage them. Basically the set is just used to match colours and use a label if the RGB values align. Thus if you change the underlying colour it will no longer match anything in the software and be ignored. Removing them would also just make it so there is nothing to match any more. Now that there are no labels, it drops back to the default OS X naming system like “Honeydew”.

I’m not sure how you got “Emotions” in there initially though. :slight_smile: The defaults are just generic “Yellow Marker”, “Orange Marker”, etc. Suitable for all types of work.

You can effectively delete custom colours by setting them to white. Just drag and drop a white tile from the custom palette area onto the redundant yellow swatch to remove it. Note you can name your custom colours by dragging them into the Scrivener swatch set, too.

Meanwhile, if you do want to reset this swatch set, use the gear menu beside the set selector drop-down to “Remove” it, then reload the software. It will create a default swatch set for you.

Thank you for your help.

The “Emotions”, et al, were from a previous class by GH. I thought those were the default, as it was a long time ago.

I will try to re-set the custom shelf by dragging white (from the shelf itself, or from above?)

Also, I don’t have a gear menu in my Scrivener 2.5 for the Mac. Can you explain this step again ? Reload the software- you mean a fresh install to my computer ? or just quit out of Scrivener and open it up again ?

Very interested to re-setting this part of Scrivener.

Yeah, it is all a bit weird because really we’re working with a piece of the Mac OS here for all of this. The colour palette isn’t ours, we’re just making use of it.

Okay, looking at your screenshot more closely, I see you appear to be using Tiger, that would explain why you don’t see a gear menu, sorry for missing that. Okay, to reset the swatch set you’ll need to just do this manually:

  1. Quit Scrivener.
  2. In the Finder, navigate into your Library folder, then “Colors”.
  3. You’ll find a file named “Scrivener.clr”. Delete that.
  4. Now start Scrivener (that’s all I meant by reload). It will detect the missing .clr file and create it from scratch with default settings.

That won’t touch your custom colours. As I said this is really a piece of OS X you are looking at here. These custom colours (the Aqua and Yellow) are universal. You would find them in Mail, TextEdit or anything else that uses this colour palette. You can drag a white tile from right, inside the custom swatch area. Any of those white squares to the right of your three custom colours will do. You can also drag from the big rectangle at the top so long as it is white. It doesn’t really matter which you use.

Thank you very much. I was able to re-set everything to the default.