Format issue: Punctuation creates extra spaces

I assume this gets cleaned up with the manuscript is compiled, but it’s super-annoying. When I use an apostrophe, extra spaces appear. So don’t looks like don’ t. There must be a setting somewhere.

There’s actually a space or does it just look like one? Some fonts put the apostrophe in such a rather awkward position.

The font is Times New Roman.

Do you have any software running that could interfere with your typing? (Grammar tools, keyboard macro utilities / text expanders, etc.) It’s hard to tell what’s going on with so little info available.

Ha, wait! The font was NOT Times New Roman, though it looked just the same. No idea how that change happened but anyway now it’s fixed. Thank you!!


Just curious, which font was it? In case someone else runs into the same issue.

I’d been thinking that somehow you’d got a Chinese font turned on, as Chinese punctuation marks come with extra space.



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