Format lost when opening saved project[FIXED]

  1. Have my scene with tabbed paragraphs. Save and close
  2. When reopened, all the tabs are gone.

–> Also, how do I double space this. When compiled it is just one long typed single spaced blurb with no margins.

–> Title page for a project?

I can’t reproduce this problem on Windows XP Pro SP3. The tabs are saving just fine for me.

Have you tried opening up the RTF file for that document inside Word or Wordpad to see if they interpret the tabs?

I had the same problem with disappearing tabs, in Windows 7 64-bit.

I have a problem where my Outline View options are not saved after reopening. All options are checked every single time I reopen a project. Windows 7 64-bit

Paragraph and line spacing are missing features at the moment. I think I saw it mentioned that they will be in beta 2.