Format options

Can you provide a list of all the options supported by the iOS compiler style-sheets please?

I can work through the example, but would like to know what options the iPad version supports, and what text I need to enter in the scrivener format editor … things like creating a left/middle/right header with an underline … no idea if the compiler supports this.

Thanks - awesome work!

If you go into the compile option for a project, select the appearance row. Click on edit as if you were going to create your own appearance. There’s a help icon in the header that lists all of the options.

It would be great if there could be some kind of resource where folks could describe how they accomplished this or that thing using styles, appearance, and the lot. Examples, do this, get this result. I’m not at all sure what would be a good way to do it, or if it would be worth much work, but if 'twere done 'twould be awfully nice.

If you duplicate and edit the five pre-provided Appearance templates, you can see how they are done. They also include some comments on how to modify them for different sorts of project structure. That’s a great place to start, along with looking through the list of all commands, which has extensive comments for each one.

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Yessir, and I have been doing that. I’m wishing we had a good way to pool all our various learnings. Not at all sure how to do it.

For myself, I’ve added a document in Reseach that includes my notes on things I learn how to do. That’ll help me, I hope, but it’s probably too cryptic for humans. :smiley:

Thanks for all you do!

Two things that would be nice:

First, if I click at the end of a paragraph and select the paintbrush, it would be nice if the current format was checked. Relatedly, is the indented default “Body”?

Second, it would be nice if we could copy (and thus see and edit) the Default Appearance, as we can with the others.


On (1), these are formatting presets, not styles, so there’s no way to tick them. You are just applying some batch formatting to the text, but once you’ve done that, the text itself has no idea that the formatting was applied by the “body” formatting preset or whatever. That’s why they are called presets and not styles.

A true styles system is coming with Mac and Windows 3.0, and once that’s here, if you open a Mac or Windows 3.0 project on iOS, the presets area will say “Styles”, because at that point it will use the styles from the 3.0 project (and the styles will be ticked).

I’m not quite sure what you mean on the second point. You can change the default format and apply it to text via the “Format Options” of the formatting palette.

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Understood re paragraph styles, thanks!

Sorry, second question was about Appearance. They can all be copied and then inspected and changed, except for whatever Default Appearance is. I thought it’d be interesting to see what’s in that one.


Ah, there’s nothing in the Default one. When you compile using that, Scrivener applies no formatting, just using what is in the editor, and places line breaks between text documents. It’s what you get if you use an empty Appearance document, basically.

My questions.
Will the Window 3.0 enable users to click on a folder or a document page in the Binder area to “format the font style or size”
Will there be a select all option?