Format preset (preserved) not updating after edit

Hi all, I have a very long (thesis) manuscript and use the format preset ‘Essay block Quote (Preserved)’. I had it originally as Cochin 14 but needed to change to Arial 11 in order to fit in with the rest of the text when compiled. I redefined the preset from selection - assuming that all blocks of text in my manuscript would ‘snap’ to Arial 11 - but no such luck and I ended up with two different styles each of which preserved its own formatting on compile. Is there a way of forcing all blocks currently set to the formatting preset to comply with the new preset definition?


I’m afraid there’s no way of doing this presently, no. Formatting presets are just that - presets that save a bunch of formatting so you can apply it to your text. It’s just a convenience to save you having to apply bold, indents and so on, allowing you to do it all in one go. But the text itself does not know that a preset has been assigned to it or that it has any particular style, since Scrivener does not currently support true styles.

However, styles will be coming in the next major update of Scrivener (much later in the year), so this sort of thing will be supported then.

In the meantime, what you can do for your case is this: in the “Formatting” pane of Compile, click on “Options”, and then tick “Preserve Formatting only preserves”, making sure all the other tick boxes beneath it are ticked. This way, your “Essay block quote (preserved)” text blocks will still have the Compile font applied to them, but maintain their paragraph formatting.

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Hi OP,

In case you’re tearing your hair out and having to go through your entire thesis applying the new preset, I’m fairly sure you can search via formatting, so with the help of a little automation, you must be able to speed up that process so it doesn’t take any time. If you’re stuck, ask again, I’m sure someone will be able to help. Not sure if this is useful, but was just imagining the thought of having to go through an entire thesis reformatting every block quote.

Hi, thanks Keith and Damoeire,
Great news about styles in next major update! In my case it wasn’t a font change but the space following the paragraph so I will need to update them all manually - but with Find by Formatting it’s not the end of the world.
Thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

Well not just the font …

What happened to this feature? I’m still reading in the help file that Word-like paragraph styles are not part of Scrivener. This seems pretty major flaw.

is this coming in an update? the ability to update any text with a preset once the preset is edited? so if I have a preset that is bold > 12 and change it to bold >italics > 13 >

then have anything with that preset automatically update.

but as it is not this is not possible right? according to what I’ve read here.


@ KB -

That was posted Feb 11 2015 - we seem to have passed the “later in the year” deadline. Any idea RE status? This would add a lot of functionality.

Hi, I’ve been searching for this functionality too, and have just come across this post.

May I ask if this feature is still planned for the next update please?

Version 3 is in closed beta testing, as has been said frequently in these forums. It apparently includes styles as well as other significant enhancements. L&L do not give predicted release dates, so we must just wait till KB feels it is ready … and presumably Ioa has rewritten the user manual as necessary.