Format presets menu not showing

This used to work beautifully for me (prior to Scriv [9981]) but now the Format/Formatting/ [preset menu choices] have become mostly not usable. (Mac OS X 10.4.11)

Apply Preset --> items come up grayed out … not usable;
Redefine Preset --> will not pop up or show;
Delete Preset --> will not pop up or show.

About the only thing I’ve been able to do is call up “New Preset from Selection” and do a total replace, overwriting the existing preset name. I’m careful to have some text selected to apply the preset function to. No joy.

Is there some resource file or .plist that may be corrupted? I deleted Scrivener and replaced it with a new copy; creating a new document gave me the “Apply Preset” menu okay, but on reopening the new document a second time … the Preset items were grayed out.



This is just a bug with the most recent beta. It’s been fixed for the next beta of 2.1, but it’s a bit delayed.

All the best,

Understood … thank you!

And that is another good reason to anticipate ver. 2.1 … :wink: