Format problem upon import


I have a first draft novel that is in six parts - MS Word 2007. I’ve created three “books” aka what the software calls “parts” and in each of this I created three sub folders as each book has three parts.

I had next to no problems importing except for one section. That section’s text is wrapping around so there’s only 6 or 7 words on a line. Is there a way to fix this without having to create a part from scratch and having to copy and paste each scene from Word to notepad to Scrivener in order to strip out the odd coding problem (that isn’t visible in Word)?

Also, I had written this first draft back in the day when underlines were still used for italics. Is there a way to do a global search and replace to replace underline formatting with italics?

Thanks in advance,

I think all you would need to do is use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command on these imported files to fix the formatting. There are options there you could use to make sure the sub-headings don’t get cleaned out, if that is a concern, and this command will retain formatting like underlines and such, unlike going through Notepad. A note on that though, for cases where a clean wipe is best, we have a built-in command in the Edit menu, Paste and Match Style, that strips out all formatting.

That’s no problem. You wouldn’t be able to do a global fix in the editor, but when you compile there is a switch in the Transformations compile option pane that can convert underscores to italics (or the other way around as well).

Wonderful! Thanks.