Format Selector Menu

I am following Antony Johston’s tutorial. [ ] In section 3 Script Draft, I don’t see the Format Selector menu in the bottom-right of the pane. It was there when I started using Antony’s template, but now it’s gone. Can someone give me some hint regarding what I need to do to make it visible?

Your document isn’t in script mode. Just hit Cmd-8 to switch it back (or select Format>Scriptwriting>Script Mode). New documents will be created in the same mode as the last one you were viewing, so you may have moved to a non-script document and then created this one (so it wasn’t in script mode like the others you were using in the template) or you might’ve just accidentally hit Cmd-8 at some point.

In addition to the change in the footer, the document icon changes to a yellow page with a three-ring hole punch down the left side to help distinguish script-mode documents from regular ones. (Note though that if they only contain a synopsis, they’ll look the same.)

Excellent! 100% helpful! :slight_smile: