Format setting for a series of quotes in dialog?

While writing, I find myself getting hung up at parts of the document containing a series of statements in quotes where one character is talking to another. It would be nice if there was a format setting or even a keyboard shortcut to set the text editor into quote mode, so that after every return, it automatically places the following text inside quotes.

Having to stop my brain from typing out the dialog I am seeing in my head to click SHIFT>" and then again at the end of a statement, trips up my flow. I know it is a minor thing, but now I just type it all out to keep up with what is going on in my head and then go back to enter the proper punctuation marks later- a tedious and time consuming solution. I would love to have a feature that I can sort of turn on and off for a period of time. Is it possible in Scrivener or even a Mac Automator flow?

I’m not sure if I’ve explained it correctly, so here is an illustration (no need to read this example if you already get my Q):

John passed the bottle to Sally who hesitated and tipped the elixer to her lips. “Go on, drink it. It will take you to a place you’ve never thought imaginable.”
“I will, I just…”
“You just what?”
“I, I just haven’t told you everything, and before we go any further, I think there is something you should know.”
“Bullshit, You’re just stalling.”
“No. Seriously. I’ve seen this bottle before. It was in the forest, that summer we were supposed to be away at a sleepover and I followed my parents to the clearing in the forest. I saw them drink from it and…”
“Look, I don’t care what you’ve seen before. I’ve tried it and it is harmless.”
“But that is the thing. It looked to be harmless to almost everyone at the gathering where my parents were. But there was this one girl…”
“Oh, you don’t believe that old story about Sintra who became a demon princess do you?”
“But I saw it with my own eyes, and…”
“Shut up and drink. We don’t have all day.”
“But she was my sister.”
“She what? Now I think you’ve already gone crazy.”

It’s not the best writing, but I just made it up quickly for the illustration. I could type a consistent dialog twice as fast if I didn’t have to put in quotation marks. It would also be nice if it automatically indented this section as well. Thanks for any replies.