Format Style for Notes

Hello everyone

I’m gonna print all the work for a new start and I’d like to print the notes as well.

In my scrivener project my notes are in different styles (font, color, size etc) and I’d like to format all these notes for the print in order to have an easy reading (the text and for example all the notes in the same color & font)…

Is there any quick way to do that. I can go to the style menu but it takes time to go to the appropriate function (text>font>styles>favorites styles etc)

Sorry if i don’t make me clear, i’m french !!!

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If you use Compile Draft and include the notes, you can override all the text formatting via the Formatting pane of the Compile Draft sheet.
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Thanks for your answer.
But using that formatting way I format all the text and not only the notes, do I ?
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Quick shortcut:
Select each of your notes with Cmd-Select
Click on Edit Scrivenings
Select All (Cmd-A)
Cmd-T to bring up the system font palette
Select a Font and Size (Times New Roman 12 point)
Print the Edit Scrivenings Window
Or save as PDF file.

I don’t understand your answer, Druid. I can’t find the way to select each note in differents texts.
Anyway I didn’t want to print the note in separate document but to compile all my work (a script) with all the texts followed by their own notes. The question was just to format the notes in order to have a nice reading.

Text (font Y)
Notes ( font X color Z etc)
Text (font Y)
Notes ( font X color Z)

Anyway, I’ll take time to do this in an other way

All the best to every one

Now I’m confused. I assumed that your “notes” were separate items in the Binder. If they aren’t, then my method won’t work. If your “script” is a screenplay, the best place for notes is in the Inspector, in the pane marked Project Notes/Document Notes. Those you may compile and style via the Compile Screenplay dialog.