Format subheadings in editor/page view

Hi all,
I’m wondering if there is a way to format the subheadings in the editor view. I currently have my work in a folder hierarchy and the subheadings display exactly the same way as the main chapter title. Is there a place I can format this?

When I got to compile I can obviously format the headings, but I’m wondering if I can format it accordingly in the editor. I currently have subdocuments (text file) to automatically display as a title. I’d like the font to be smaller and perhaps not centred.


If you are talking abut the document titles displayed in Scrivenings mode then if you go to Preferences/Appearance. Then Scrivenings, then Fonts, you can set the size of the text for top levels documents (folders) and then choose to reduce the font size by a number of points per level. So you could start at 22 pts and then reduce by 8pts to make the sub-documents 14pt. Just be aware that you also set the minimum font size so if you set the top level quite small you may not see any decrease.