Format text for block quotes

Is there any way to format a block of text as indented for extended quotes?

Ideally, I’d like to see it when editing in Scrivener, but I’d also be OK with some way to identify it after export.

My first thought is Ruler settings, or is that not what you’re asking about?

I simply put annotations before and after, which export as “quote” and “/quote” within square brackets and in red, and then sort them out in Nisus Writer Pro when I’m doing the formatting … where anything marked like that is given a quotation style, with indented paragraphs etc. I’m going to be going through the whole text checking layout, so that suits me.

But if you use a word-processor that lets you simultaneously select all text with a certain style, as NWP does, you could put your quotes in a different font/size/etc. and then do a find all on text with that style and then replace the style with your quotation paragraph style, removing the specific one.



Yes. You can use the Ruler in Scriv to set up custom paragraph styles, and then you can use Apple’s Sys Prefs to assign key commands to any of them. So, all you need to do is make the paragraph settings and then set it as a named custom style. (Minimally, you probably want key commands for the block quote style and the normal style.)

The only trick is that the Ruler has to be visible in the Scrivener Editor in order to use the key commands. This means you cannot use them in Full Screen mode.

Depending on whether you Compile with formatting overridden or not you will or will not see the indentation of your paragraphs.


P.S. I also have defined a series of indented styles (w/ key commands) that enable me to do simple outlining within a document. Very handy. Also, if you set the paragraph style parameters of the outline styles in Word to match the ones in Scrivener, you can paste Word outlines directly into Scrivener and retain their structure within a document.

P.P.S. The style system in Scrivener (inherited from Apple’s text system) is not like the style system of Word --when you apply a style to a paragraph, the paragraph is not “marked” with a style marker, rather the system just applies each of the styling features that the style dictates (just as though you did them manually), and that is an end to it.

I use a combination of the Multimarkdown syntax and ruler styles to denote blockquotes, which gives you both visual feedback that something is indeed a blockquote, and guarantees the preservation of the style. (Note that 2.0 will have finer-grained control of what aspects of formatting survive the Compile Draft operation, so that might be of interest to you.) I’ve got a shortcut set up in TextExpander to basically insert a blank indented paragraph, prepended by a “>” symbol (Markdown blockquote).