Format>Text>Line and Paragraph Spacing ... "return" doesn't work

I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug (perhaps it a wish list item instead?) – if not, I apologize for mis-filing this post.

In the “Format>Text>Line and Paragraph Spacing” window, hitting “return” with the “OK” button selected doesn’t do anything. Instead, I have to use the trackpad (or mouse) and click on “OK” in order to close the window.

This is minor in the scheme of things, but I use that menu so often that I set up a keyboard shortcut for it and would love to be able to do my formatting and return to writing/editing without leaving the keyboard. The “Format>Text>Tabs and Indents” menu does work this way: once I make my choice, the “return” key closes the window and I never have to use the trackpad.

Is this possible to do?
Many thanks,

I think this is how that particular panel works. If you load TextEdit and use its format bar to go into the same option sheet, it doesn’t have the “OK” button highlighted either, and only takes Esc as a way of leaving the sheet. It could be Apple’s idea here is that Return be used to set the value so you don’t have to tab+shift-tab when purely using the keyboard.

Oh my gosh, you are right about that — but you also solved my issue! All I wanted was a way to close the panel using the keyboard, and I hadn’t realized that “esc” would do the trick. Thanks!