Format > Text > Tabs and indent … settings not held

I’m trying to set the left margin, indent and tab stops for a paragraph. The drag and drop method is too fiddly and requires great persistence to get accurate settings. The Format > Text > Tabs and indent … option would be more useful if it worked!

I use that option and fill in the relevant measurements (left margin: 1.5"; indent: 1.5") and delete tab stops to the left of the new margin setting. Press Ok. The shown ruler is updated. Yipee.

I type text into this new paragraph oh dear all those settings I just adjusted are lost. Bummer.

This option only works for paragraphs that have existing content. It can’t be used for empty/new paragraphs. Bug bug bug.

Scrivener version 2.5 (25239)
Mac OS X 10.8.5
Mac mini 8Gb

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