Format Toolbar Won't Populate on Menu Bar

The format toolbar won’t populate on the menu bar. The main toolbar does. Before the upgrade, I was able to display the format bar. Now, I have to access the text menu for each formatting task. I use the windows version and run it on windows 10. When clicking the view option, only the main toolbar option is available. I’m using an HP 15 TS Notebook PC. Thank you.

The option for the Formatting Toolbar should be on the View menu. It’s not. It’s on the Format menu. Surprise!

Well, whaddya know? Thanks. :unamused:

My estimate is that 70% of Scrivener’s reputation for being hard to learn/use is caused by the simple fact that many menu options are not where they belong. The design is neither intuitive nor standard.

What’s intuitive for me is informed by other apps and programs that I use. So, it’s not reasonable to expect all software to work the same. I’m becoming better at using the guide. It seems more user friendly somehow.

Scrivener is a Mac-first program, and the design makes a lot more sense for Mac users. As a result, the Windows version follows that design so that folks who use it on both don’t get messed up using the same program.

So I guess you can say Scrivener’s design is both intuitive AND standard for those who use a Mac. :slight_smile:

Last Fall, I had to become acquainted with iOS. Yup, you’re right!