Formating Errors while using Comic Screenplay Template

This is actually draft 2 of this bug report as with some experimentation it’s proven far more massive than I originally thought. So, here we go. I’m running Windows 7 on a dual core netbook, screen resolution of 1366x768. I’m using Scrivener 1.9beta and Microsoft Office/Word 2002 for my testing.

In creating a document using the Comic Script template found under the Scriptwriting category I have found that the text formating options available through the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Mode-Screenplay (ctrl+m) do not take properly. That’s the short of this. I will attempt to elaborate how they do not take but I freely admit I may miss something, there’s so much wrong. Ok, here goes.

Writing text directly into Scrivener I find the following happens:

One: if I type text in and attempt to apply a format after-the-fact only the alignment part of the formatting takes. I’ll get tabs and indents and spacing changes, but the font, size, underline/bold/italic/etc will not show.

Two: if I go back to text I have applied a format to, it will show as “General Text” rather than “Character” or “Dialogue” or whatever I had set it to.

Three: If, having started writing, I hit return, select a format and begin typing, or if I select a format before I begin typing on a new page, the format does take.

Four: After having gotten a proper format for a body of text, hitting return, the format selection automatically progresses to the next logical position (i.e. if I’ve just typed “Panel One” using the “panel number” setting, hitting return sets the new line to “panel description”). This is all well and good, however things like bold and underline format settings do not change. Font size changes, all caps changes, even alignment changes, but the bold/underline (and I assume Italics) do not change over.

Five: if I have selected the format before typing, if I come back to that text later on, it shows in the Scriptwriting selector in the bottom left corner as being the format I set it to, regardless of whether or not the formating shows correctly.

If, however, I copy and paste text from Word into Scrivener:

One: my formating from word disappears: my times new roman becomes verdana, and I lose most (though not all of) my tabs.

Two: all the above mentioned formatting issues apply, as near as I can tell.

If I import my Word.doc I retain my formating, but again all of the formating issues mentioned above apply.

I think that’s everything with regards to the formatting bugs. The other issue of not being able to resize the Scrivener window while the Inspector tab is open (which makes take up the entire height of my screen thus making the bottom portion useless and hidden behind the taskbar) appears to have already been reported. My apologies if this formating issue is a known thing, I didn’t find anything about it in my search of the forums. Thank you for your time. I really enjoy the corkboard formating freedom scrivener allows, and greatly look forward to using it as a finished product.

I have also found that when I compile, the comic template doesn’t format the $N and $sn to numbers… unless I’m missing a step somewhere…