Formating web page

Is it possible to format an imported web page in the research folder in any way?
I need only to mark (color or italic) text paragraphs.

BTW: I’m wring technical documentation for a software. Wrote in Word the last 12 years. After half an hour of testing scrivener, I never touched Word again (beside of copying the already wrote text to a Scriveners project).

If you would like to work with the content of a page, rather than view it as an immutable archive, then you must convert it to text. This is very easily done with Documents/Convert/Convert Web Page to Text. This is a one-way and irreversible process, so if you do wish to keep a safe archive of the original formatting, duplicate the page first. Conversely, if you prefer to have pages imported as editable text, you can change that in the Import/Export preference pane, under the Import tab, with Convert imported WebArchives and web pages to text.

Glad to hear you’ve taken to Scrivener so quickly! Hope it continues to work out well for you.

Thanks, works perfectly.