Formatted Binder Titles

Just adding a request that there be some way to add italics in binder names. If I have a title like “Review of R v Jones” part of the title is formatted and part is not.

I know that it might be doable with MMD, which is rendered “Review of R v Jones” but my problem there is that with each sync, * is removed, destroying the formatting. Is there a solution to this? I’m not sure why the * is removed since PlainText handles files with * is the name just fine. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.


No, there’s no way of doing this and no plans for anything like this, sorry. If you look at all source lists such as the binder on OS X, you will see that they are all plain text. If you want the title formatted in such a way on output then it’s best to include it as part of the text itself.

All the best,

Oh yes that might work. Thanks for the quick reply!