Formatted text not page breaking normally

I have a paragraph-formatting preset that’s basically an indented single-spaced block quote. I saved it using “Save all formatting.”

I have a longish passage formatted with this preset – four or five paragraphs, a full page. When I compile the manuscript, the paragraphs appear to have something like MS Word’s “keep with” assigned to them. The preceding non-indented text stops a few lines down one page, and then my page of indented text breaks over to the next page, apparently so that all those indented paragraphs can stay together. I don’t want that page break, which looks like I’m starting a new chapter. Any ideas for a fix?

I ended up figuring this out on my own. The problem was that my indented style was getting a table wrapped around it. The fix was simply to show invisibles, allowing me to see the blue rectangle around the paragraph, and then right-click that passage and choose “Remove Table.”

The ongoing mystery, though, is why Tables were getting assigned to the style in the first place. There is no Table in the style definition. But whenever I assign the style to a paragraph for the first time, it gets Table-ized. Giving it another style does not removed the Table. But when I manually remove the Table, and then reassign the style, it no longer gets Table-ized. Further, that paragraph now appears immune from the problem. But if I go to the next paragraph and assign the style, it gets Table-ized, and the problem is cured only by removing the Table.

This looks like a bug to me.

Tables, as a type of formatting, will be saved into presets using paragraph attributes as part of their definition, if the paragraph used to create them was in a table. So that part of what you are seeing is all right, I think (well, at least in the sense that if you go and open TextEdit and use these same features you’ll get the same type of result). Personally I’m a bit on the fence as to whether a construct like a table can be considered “paragraph formatting”—but again, we have the text engine working upon a different assumption, so my opinion is not relevant.

Otherwise, I’ll say this particularly aspect will not be present in the future, when presets become genuine styles. Until then, it is something to be aware of, and you should be able to update that preset you created by recreating it without a table.

Sorry for the confusion over it.