Formatting 6x9 novel

I am looking for how to format a 6x9 document that can be sent to places like CreateSpace and have been unable to locate how to do it in the Windows version. I have found tutorials online from users of the MAC version but their instructions don’t work for this one …

As an example one of the tutorials says to choose File / Page Setup / Page Attributes / 6X9; I cannot find that in my version.

The options in the Windows version appear to be fewer than in the MAC version. I don’t see things like First Pages, Facing Pages, No Header on first page and pages following page breaks, and no header on single pages.

What I am looking for is a simple, step x step set of instructions and the location of these options.

You are correct in that there aren’t enough settings right now in the Windows version to really make a quality PDF for publication, straight out of the software. This is likely going to be the case for a while, and I would say that in many cases that is true for Mac users as well. I like to say that for both platforms, Scrivener can get most projects to a certain point with the compiler, and that after that point the project needs to be finished off in a layout program (where something like Word or OpenOffice at the least, can suffice). It’s just that right now the Mac can get you little further toward that goal than the Windows version (and for some folks it can do enough, but I’d submit that is true mainly fiction, where elaborate formatting demands are not required).

So we don’t provide an extensive step-by-step approach to getting a compiled RTF or DOC file to a publication-ready state (that would be difficult to do in any case since every document is going to be slightly different), because there are many resources on the Internet, even specifically for CreateSpace, that address the steps you need to take in a word processor.