formatting after pasting from web

When I select-all from a Web page and cut and paste the text into a new text file in Scrivener, it comes out all highlighted blue. How do I make it revert to normal text?

Right click and select “paste and match style.” It’ll paste things into the document as your default text style.

Thanks - so… how do I set a default style? I have the font and point size I want selected, but it always switches back to Arial.

I’ve been having a problem with paste and match style.

Below is a screenclip of an example. I wrote the text in Google Docs, then exported it as an ODT and opened in LibreOffice. I copied and pasted into a Scrivener doc.

The top version of the text is how it was originally.

The bottom is how it appeared when I hit paste and match style. You’ll notice something is missing.

How can I paste and match style and preserve my emphases?