Formatting, again...

I’ve read several threads on these forums and other places on the net and I get it, I really do—Scrivener is for writing and the compiler is for preset things that you don’t need to worry about…


I’m a poet and I need the poems I write to look the way I want them to look, in whatever portion of the software I’m using, editor, compiler, whatever. I’d like the default font in every portion of the software to be Helvetica Neu, light. If I click the italics button, I want it to be Helvetica Neu, light italics. If I click bold I want it to be Helvetica Neu, regular. I want all indenting and spacing to be controlled by me so that it can get crazy if I need it to get crazy.

How do I achieve this?


… by using Word?

Hi Alejandro and welcome.

  1. On your Mac, have you done the tutorial under the help menu? If not, do … it’ll save you a lot of time and questions.

  2. On your Mac, go to Preferences, the “Formatting” pane, click on the dummy text in the box to set the cursor there, then click on the “Aa” button which will open the Font dialog and choose your Helvetica Neue Regular in the size you want; I presume it has an italic variant which will be used when you press Cmd-i … if it doesn’t, then you won’t have italics (Word fakes italics in fonts which don’t have variants, the Apple text engine doesn’t). Close the Preferences.

  3. When you’ve done that, all new documents will use your preferred font. For existing documents use a scrivenings session with them all, select all then go to Documents > Convert > Formatting to default text style.

  4. In the Inspector, choose the first icon in the line at the top and set every document to “Compile As-Is”

That should do it for the Mac. If you’re talking about on iOS, do the Tutorial there and then come back and ask if you’re not clear.