Formatting always breaks upon export/compile

Hi there,

I’m finding that whenever I employ any kind of custom formatting for word spacing (using the ruler align to position a paragraph, or even just tabbing words and paragraphs across into certain positions), the formatting always goes completely out of whack, no matter whether I use Export As or Compile and no matter whether I save as PDF, .docx, RTF, HTML, .txt, etc.

I’ve also noticed that just zooming in to 125% will break the formatting and send lines of text to the next page.

I do a lot of formatting-heavy work and used to use Scrivener for Mac with no problems. Surely I must be missing something here? Can anyone help me figure out how to preserve my formatting (and be able to zoom without Scrivener jumbling things around)?

(edited to add: I’ve tried selecting my text and clicking ‘preserve formatting’ in the Format dropdown of the main program, as well as using the ‘As-Is’ selection in the Compile options, but same deal)

^ The above is what it looks like in my Scrivener document.

^ And this is what the same document looks like when Scrivener is zoomed to 125%.

^ And this is what it looks like when compiled as a PDF.

^ This is what it looks like as a .txt.

^ And as HTML or RTF.

At least for the PDF version, it looks like the PDF page is narrower than the Scrivener page, and therefore the text won’t fit without wrapping in unexpected places.

Isn’t this behavior associated with the known issues with aligning nested bulletpoints?

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Maybe. But there aren’t actually any bullet points in this text, so it may not be related.

This was a good observation. I made the margins as small as they could go (0.1 or so) and it made it look closer to the original, but I wasn’t able to get it fully aligned as in the original format.

I’ve had issues with all kinds of text alignment across various documents, but I rarely use bullet points. I think the aligning behaviour itself is bugged, and perhaps it’s noticed more often with bullet-points as they tend to be aligned differently most often?

Scrivener is not a page layout tool, and in particular the standard Scrivener editor view will expand as needed to fit the window size. If you go from an eight-inch Editor width to a six-inch printed text block, you shouldn’t expect to preserve your desired alignment.

Scrivener’s Page View can help in situations like this, but the recommended solution is to use page layout software if page layout is important to you.